Microconf 2014 – Hub

This page collects all my notes and resources for the MicroConf 2014 (Las Vegas, 14-15 April). If you have something you want to share that could benefit others, send it to me and I’ll add that to the list.


  1. How to Grow Your Self-Funded Business Faster by Hiten Shah (CrazyEgg & KISSmetrics)
  2. Business Hacks & Epic Wins by Mike Taber (SingleFounder.com)
  3. How To Slay the Customer Support Beast by Ian Landsman (UserScape)
  4. Playing the Long Game: Making Entrepreneurship a Sustainable Life by Sherry Walling (SherryWalling.com)
  5. How to Validate Your Idea and Launch to $7k in Recurring Revenue by Rob Walling (SoftwareByRob.com & Start Small, Stay Small)
  6. From Zero to $4M/year Without Quora, Hacker News, or Mixergy by Jesse Mecham (YouNeedABudget.com)
  7. 10 Business Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask Their Analytics (And Where to Find the Answers) by Annie Cushing (Annielytics.com)
  8. 3 Habits for Building (and Growing) a Product Empire by Nathan Barry (ConvertKit)
  9. 6 Tricks That Helped Me Triple My SaaS’ Growth Rate by Brennan Dunn (Planscope)

Blog Posts from Attendes and Speakers Relating to MicroConf 2014