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A perfect fit for medical doctors, customer care and IT specialists

Before using PhraseExpander, it took me almost 2 hours to dictate my notes every day. Now I don’t bring charts home anymore.


Autocomplete terms and phrases as you type

Use PhraseExpander to trigger actions by typing abbreviations.

This can be inserting a piece of text, displaying a fill-in template, launching an application or a website.

Once you have defined a set of abbreviations, PhraseExpander monitors what you are typing and quietly suggests words, phrases, and actions as you type.

As you type, it displays the most appropriate suggestions.

Press SHIFT to expand the text.

This works in any application.

Suggestions are displayed as you type

Use templates to generate and customize sentences in a few clicks

Quickly create and edit your fill-in-the-blanks templates – no programming experience required

  • Enforce a procedure and make sure that all the notes you generate are consistent
  • Have a single place to enter all the information you need to complete your report, note or document
  • Fill in the form with point & click on grids, dropdowns, checkboxes and lists

All your phrases are available in one place for easy editing

Trusted by thousands of happy customers in 37 countries

PhraseExpander saves much time we need to care about our customers.

Achim Oswald System Administrator

What I love about PhraseExpander is that it makes it fast to write clear and polite emails.

Jean-Michel Moreau Associate Principal

PhraseExpander is a phenomenal piece of software that has saved me countless hours.

Brian Reisman Software Engineer

Share your phrases with your team

  • Each user can have both private and shared phrases
  • No need to install a server. A shared folder is all you need.
  • Fast setup. Works great for small or huge teams (500+ people)
  • Smart conflict resolution: RealSync™ allows you to detect and solve conflicts if phrases are changed by 2 or more people at the same time
  • Designed for enterprises: Terminal Services and Citrix are fully supported
  • Works with any cloud drive (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive)
PhraseExpander works with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

Customize your phrases with the macro language

Here are some examples of what you can do with macros:

  • Create fill-in-the-blanks fields
  • Insert the current date
  • Launch applications and open folders
  • Open websites
  • Automate applications by sending keyboard keystrokes
  • Manipulate text
  • Manage the Clipboard


More reasons to love PhraseExpander

  • Import the data you already have

    If you have data stored in Word, Excel or other text expansion, you can import it into PhraseExpander. You can also analyze your documents and extract your most used language.

  • Video tutorials & outstanding support

    Our videos and extensive knowledge base will quickly turn you into a master.
    And if you have questions, you’ll get a personal reply in just a few hours.

  • Measure your productivity

    Not sure if PhraseExpander is saving you time? Let our detailed stats tell you how many hours you saved.

  • Universal autocorrect & spell checker

    Ensure you don’t make any spelling mistakes, no matter what application you are typing in.

  • Free pre-built templates

    Over 5,000+ phrases and autocorrects are ready to download. For free.

Join thousands of professionals who save time with PhraseExpander every day Stop cutting and pasting from documents and enjoy faster typing, improved accuracy and consistency

  • Medical doctors & healthcare professionals

    PhraseExpander plugs into your EMR and instantly autocompletes medications and hard-to-type words.
    Give consistency to your notes with fill-in-the-blank templates.

  • Lawyers

    Store your clauses in PhraseExpander and have them ready when preparing a new contract. Avoid embarrassing mistakes due to copying and pasting from existing docs.

  • Teachers

    Write the narrative for report cards and pull them up with the touch of a button.

  • IT support

    As you are working with lots of computers and systems, PhraseExpander provides a central repository where you can store all your scripts and applications.

  • Customer support

    Zoom through your support tickets by automating the grunt work without sounding like a machine!
    Enforce a standard for your entire team and put all the required documentation in a ticket with little effort.

  • Sales teams

    Sending a lot of emails to your prospects? Keep all your common phrases, signatures and product codes handy. Create a shared KB that can be instantly pasted in any application.

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