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Text Expansion      

Displays suggestions as you type to make sure you are triggering the proper phrase

Suggestions Window

Autocomplete words and phrases as you start typing the abbreviation


Automatically correct your typos in any application

Autocorrect spelling mistakes

Instantly search and execute any phrase (even if you don't remember its abbreviation)

Quick Find

Check texts for spelling mistakes in any application

Universal Spell Checker

Trigger your phrases by typing an abbreviation (immediate or with confirmation) or a keyboard shortcut

Customizable phrase trigger

Decide on which applications PhraseExpander shall detect abbreviations

Application restriction

Store and quickly retrieve all the items you copied into the Clipboard

Clipboard History

Trigger phrases when in a remote sessions (e.g. Remote Desktop, Teamviewer, VNC, ScreenConnect)

Works in remote sessions
Manage your phrases      

Select a piece of text and press a key combination to add it to PhraseExpander

Shortcuts to add / edit phrases

The phrase editor comes with an integrated spell checker so you can make sure that the phrases you store inside PhraseExpander are correct

Integrated spell checker

Never lose your work. The Backup Manager automatically creates backups of your data file for you when you edit your phrases

Automatic Backups

You get total freedom on how you organize and group your phrases

Organize phrases in multi-level groups

Buy the optional Medical Dictionary for the integrated spell checker

Medical Dictionary

Keep your phrases in order and remove duplicates

Check & prune duplicates

Your data is always available to you by exporting it into a CSV file

Export data as CSV

Create phrases in either plain text or with formatted text and images

Work with plain & formatted phrases

More than 20 macros give you extra power on what you can do with phrases

Macro Language

Check that your phrases are working properly, without leaving PhraseExpander

Test your phrases in the Testpad

Store images in your phrases. They can be local or on the web.

Insert images

Detailed stats tell you how much time you are saving with text expansion

Usage statistics

Create fill-in-the-blanks templates that you can easily customize


Display a textbox or a dropdown to enter additional information

Text selection

Display a calendar selection to enter a date

Calendar selection

Display a list to select one or more items from a predefined set of options

List selection

Display a grid to assign a set of predefined option to each item

Grid selection

Display many user input dialogs in the same form for faster data entry

Multi-field templates

Preview your Manual Inputs without leaving the design interface

Inplace preview

Create questionnaires and compute scores based on the selected answers (e.g. BMI)

Compute scores based on user input

Customize the text that is generated by the user input before it's sent to the target application

Custom preview

Fully customize the text that PhraseExpander generates from user inputs (e.g. adding header & footer)

Advanced template customization

Automate tasks thanks to the powerful macro language


Syntax highlighting makes the phrases easier to read

Syntax highlighting for macro language

Edit a macro by double clicking on its definition

Easy macro editing

Launch your favorite applications and open your most used folders

Open application and documents

Create precompiled emails, ready to be customized and sent

Compose emails

Open and perform automatic searches on websites like Google, Wikipedia, online dictionaries and more...

Open & search websites

Macros allow you to simulate keystrokes, activate applications and automate repetitive tasks

Automate tasks

Get access to a pocket calculator in any application by typing a math expression

Calc as you type

Store information in variables and reuse them through the phrase. Create counters that increment when a phrase is executed

Create variables and counters

Change casing or extract information from a piece of text

Manipulate text

Send and extract information from the Clipboard

Manage the Clipboard

Store and reuse blocks of text in your phrases

Create and reuse building blocks
Importing data      

Import and create phrases from a CSV file

Import from CSV

Import and create phrases from an Excel file

Import from Excel

Automatically create and update phrases by connecting to a CSV or Excel file

Connect to datasources

Analyze and extract the most used words and phrases from your documents

Analyze documents

Import the snippets you have created with TextExpander for Mac

Import Text Expander Snippets

PhraseExpander can import data from more than 10 competitor applications

Import from other text expansion apps

Import the autocorrect and building blocks you have defined in Microsoft Word

Import from Microsoft Word
Team Work      

Seamlessly access to your entire libraries of phrases by storing them on a cloud storage drive

Sync all data between PCs (single user)

Share phrases by storing and syncing them using any cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive)

Integrate with Cloud Storages

Create private and shared glossaries for easy collaboration with your team

Share phrases with your team

Share phrases with your team without the need of setting up a server

Serverless phrase sharing

Allow simultaneous edit of phrases, detect conflict and merge changes

RealSync™ changes detection

Create unattended installation by using command line parameters

Unattended installation

Use an MSI file to install PhraseExpander via Group Policy Object (GPO) with Active Directory

MSI Installer

The software is licensed per user on a single machine

Licensing per user

The software is licensed per provider. Each provider can install the software on multiple machines

Licensing per provider