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PhraseExpander – Your notes, done faster with less errors and no retyping

9 reasons to choose PhraseExpander over Instant Text

  • Easy import: easily import your Instant Text glossaries into PhraseExpander, so you are immediately ready to start.

  • Constantly updated: PhraseExpander is constantly updated and works great with the most modern operating systems (like Windows 10).

  • Lighweight interface: PhraseExpander shows suggestions through a discreet and convenient suggestion window that show the suggestions only when necessary.

  • SmartComplete: allows you to autocomplete words and phrases as you type

  • Phrase continuations: PhraseExpander will suggest phrase continuations based on what you have typed.

  • Create templates that are easy to build, test and use: no other software will make it so easy to create fill-in-the-blanks templates that contain lists and grids. This is what will give you the most time savings.

  • Integrated spell checker: make sure that all your phrases are spelled properly

  • Easy phrase sharing & cloud storage support: quickly setup and share phrases in all your organization. There’s no need

  • Help Center: browse and search through articles and step-by-step guides to help you get started in a few minutes

Matthew’s story

PhraseExpander has become an indispensable tool for our organization. It has allowed our team to improve the content of our medical documentation while also reducing the time spent. These goals had always appeared to be at odds with each other prior to the utilization of PhraseExpander. Another benefit of PhraseExpander is that it allows individual departments to make immediate changes to our documentation without the added cost and time associated with involving our IT department.

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(since 2006)

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