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8 reasons to choose PhraseExpander

  • Suggestions Window & Quick Find: autocomplete your phrases and find them instantly

  • Create templates that are easy to build, test and use: no other software will make it so easy creating templates that contain lists and grids

  • Integrated spell checker: make sure that all your phrases are spelled properly

  • Easy data import: easily import and create data from your documents

  • Easy phrase sharing & cloud storage support: quickly setup and share phrases in all your organization

  • Rock solid: PhraseExpander is used to perform mission critical tasks every day. Although we cannot guarantee that our software is bug-free, we can assure you that if you are experiencing a critical problem, we’ll do our best to solve it quickly and courteously

  • Help Center: browse and search through articles and step-by-step guides to help you get started in a few minutes

  • Export your data: user our free Phrase Exporter tool to export your data from PhraseExpress.

Raymond’s story

From the moment we began using PhraseExpander, it has worked reliably: it has an elegant interface so my non-technical users could grasp using it quickly. Top quality documentation and even additional training videos to make any user an expert in no time. After a few days of evaluation, we discovered one piece of functionality that was not currently available in PhraseExpander, and that would make our organization far more efficient. Within a few days, the company provided the perfect solution. Wow – that’s incredible customer service. Again, I would recommend it to anyone considering a text expansion product. I’ve tried almost all of them, and nothing comes close to PhraseExpander.
— David Jackson, Momentum Strategic Services

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