PhraseExpander is the Ideal EMR Companion Reduce charting time by up to 1 hour per day

Type out long medical notes in less time and with improved accuracy

Autocomplete names of drugs, medications or long phrases

PhraseExpander SmartComplete™ saves time and reduces errors by offering relevant suggestions as you type.

  • Autocomplete drugs and medications and treatments in any section of your EMR

  • Start typing the beginning of a word (or phrase) and see the suggestions instantly appear

  • Download free libraries of thousands of drugs and medical terms ready to use

  • Easily add your own templates as you go or by importing your documents

Thousands of doctors reduced their data entry time in the EMR

Before using PhraseExpander, it took me almost 2 hours to dictate my notes every day. Now I don’t bring charts home anymore.
EMR is a reality for most doctors today. Every click or keystroke steals time that I could spend engaging patients. PhraseExpander maximizes my patient time, by minimizing my computer time. I call that a win-win.
— Paul Neumann, MD, OD, Optometrist

Instantly insert phrases, terms and images

Save precious time by setting up shortcuts for phrases, formatted text, and paragraphs you commonly type so they’ll appear instantly.

  • Type a few characters and PhraseExpander will suggest possible phrases to enter

  • Press the SHIFT key and the full paragraph appears in your document

  • More advanced operations are possible thanks to the built-in macro execution engine

  • Ensure that all your regularly used phrases and terms are properly spelled

Thanks to dynamic forms, you can design your templates in a few minutes

You have plenty of options to request additional info. 

A few clicks and a complete customized paragraph is generated and ready to be inserted into your note

MULTI-SELECTION LIST: display a list of items. The user can select multiple ones
YES-NO-NA LIST: display a list of items where each item can set to Yes, No or N/A
DROPDOWN:: display a dropdown with predefined entries
TEXT: display a textbox to type any text
SINGLE-SELECTION LIST: display a list of items. The user can select a single one
GRID: display a grid with multiple available options for each row
CALENDAR: display a selection box to enter a date
PhraseExpander has revolutionized how we have done notes here and lets us make good readable notes quickly, instead of skimping and turning in short notes that don’t say much.

Calculate scores, insert reference info and dates with macros

PhraseExpander comes with a powerful macro language that gives you the ability to customize your templates as you wish.

  • Reuse the name of the patient throughout the template

  • Insert the current date

  • Calculate scores based on the patient answers

  • Adapt the form as you are filling it in

Your templates are with you, wherever you go

It doesn’t matter if you switch EMR or you are working on different clinics with different EMRs.

Your templates and proven setup stays with you and saves you time, whatever EMR you are using

  • PhraseExpander runs quietly in the background and makes autocomplete and templates available in any EMR

  • Even if your EMR has some sort of autocompletion (like Epic Smart phrases), PhraseExpander can provide with additional boost by working in any section of your EMR and providing a totally unmatched flexibility in templat.

  • It also works in any other application, like Microsoft Word, any browser, your email program

  • Use it together with your dictation system (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking) for improved speed and accuracy

  • Install PhraseExpander on many PCs, sync all your office computers and use your phrases from anywhere in your office

PhraseExpander has become an indispensable tool for our organization. It has allowed our team to improve the content of our medical documentation while also reducing the time spent. These goals had always appeared to be at odds with each other prior to the utilization of PhraseExpander. Another benefit of PhraseExpander is that it allows individual departments to make immediate changes to our documentation without the added cost and time associated with involving our IT department.

Great tool for all your medical staff

  • Set up your custom templates and get started with it is just a matter of minutes and share the benefits with other people

  • PhraseExpander comes with built-in support for sharing your templates among many users in the network

  • Get always access to your updated templates in all the exam rooms (or lab rooms) you need to work in

  • Works in your EMR but also in Word, Excel, your email application or any application you use often

  • Have your staff quickly set appointments, send emails, and reply to patients in a consistent and professional way

  • Whether you are a small practice or a large hospital, you can improve accuracy and reduce your charting time

Recover your investment in just a few weeks

Check how much typing you can save with the Usage Stats

Spend less time on data entry tasks and improve the quality of care

  • Save money on costly transcription services

  • Quick access to all your reference material

  • Use PhraseExpander for more than just inserting text. Launch your EMR application, open your favorite medical websites (for example, you can select a term in any application and search for it on the UpToDate website) and your commonly used programs

  • The Help Center gives you access to resources, videos, and step by step tutorials to get up to speed in a very short amount of time

  • Get access to our growing free library of medical templates, created by other doctors like you in PhraseExpander

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