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The no-subscription alternative to TextExpander

8 reasons to choose PhraseExpander

  • SmartComplete: instead of having to remember your abbreviations, PhraseExpander will display them as you type. So, no memorization is required.

  • Create templates that are easy to build, test and use: no other software will make it so easy to create fill-in-the-blanks templates that contain lists and grids.

  • Integrated spell checker: make sure that all your phrases are spelled properly

  • Import your snippets: there’s no need to re-enter the abbreviations you have defined in TextExpander. Thanks to our importer, you can put them inside PhraseExpander in a couple of minutes.

  • Better privacy: your data stays is your organization and it’s never updated to our servers.

  • Easy phrase sharing & cloud storage support: quickly setup and share phrases in all your organization. There’s no need

  • No subscription fee: you pay for the software only once. No subscription or recurring payments.

  • Help Center: browse and search through articles and step-by-step guides to help you get started in a few minutes

Raymond’s story

When an organization partners with many providers across a spectrum of specialties, many EHRs, including our own, cannot capture all the data needs of every provider.PhraseExpander fills in this gap by providing the flexibility to create templates ranging from slit lamp exams to mental health assessments for clinical notes. The more advanced features also helped with my daily needs such as automating some of my processes.
— Raymond Chiu, EHR Trainer and Implementations, CCHCA

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(since 2006)

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