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Great for solo or small teams
per user (one-time)
  • SmartComplete™ Autocomplete words and phrases. Suggestions are displayed as you type.
  • Macro language Use macros to insert the current date, launch apps and websites, and much more
  • Dynamic templates Ability to create forms that adapt and change as you fill them in. You can also immediately see a preview of the final document
  • Fill-in variables Request additional data in many formats like lists, grids, textbox, multiple selections…
  • Branching logic Use if/then logic with variables to display a different text based on a set condition
  • Template sharing Powerful template sharing in your team with synchronization and conflict management


Ideal for larger organizations (20+ users)
  • Everything in Medical, plus:
  • Centralized installation
  • Centralized usage stats
  • User access rights
  • Virtual installation Each user can install the software on multiple machines or in a virtualized environment

If you need straightforward text expansion without the ability to share data or create fill-in-the-blanks templates,
you can get PhraseExpander Standard at $80

PhraseExpander has revolutionized how we have done notes here and lets us make good readable notes quickly, instead of skimping and turning in short notes that don’t say much.
devon superville
I used to work a full day on Saturday (9am to 6pm)  to submit all my reports. And I felt exhausted at the end of the day. With PhraseExpander, I get through with my patients faster and I’m not tired as before. I beat the two-weeks deadlines and generally get my reports in within 48 hours. Also, since I’ve shared the templates with my supervisee, the reports are now uniformed no matter who did the assessment.
— Devon Superville, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Lifetime license + Free upgrades for 1 Year

Your license never expires, and you get 1 year of support & 1 year of complimentary upgrades to all major and minor releases.

When will I get my license?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive your license key to activate PhraseExpander in a few minutes, directly into your mailbox.

Can I use PhraseExpander on all my computers?

PhraseExpander is licensed per user with a single installation (this doesn’t apply to PhraseExpander Medical, which is licensed per provider). If you use more than one PC, you can purchase the Home & Office Pack that allows for installation on up to 3 PCs for a single user (starting at $20/user)

Alternatively, the Medical edition allows you to install PhraseExpander on up to 6 machines for your use.

IMPORTANT: the same license key cannot be shared among different users (the Windows username must be the same for all installations). 

If more than one person uses PhraseExpander, you must buy a license for each user.

Are my data safe?

All orders are secured with military-grade TLS encryption. Your information is safe. All orders are processed via Fastspring, our e-commerce partner based in California, USA.

Will I need to pay again when a new version is released?

When you purchase a license, you are entitled to 12-month upgrade protection: this means you will get all the new versions released in the 12 months following your purchase at no extra cost. After 1 year, you’ll need to renew your upgrade protection to continue receiving updates and support.

Will I lose access to the templates I created during the trial when I buy my license?

Not at all. The templates you have created during your trial will automatically be available when you purchase your license and enter your license key in the application.

Will PhraseExpander stop working after 1 year? Will I need to pay again?

You can continue using your purchased license except for the Enterprise edition, which is sold as a subscription. After 1 year, if you don’t renew your upgrade protection, you’ll no longer be entitled to updates and support.

Can I upgrade to a higher tier later?

Yes, feel free to start with the edition that most suits you now. 

You can always upgrade to a higher version in the future (Standard to Professional Upgrade or Professional to Medical).

I run a small law firm that handles a client base of a large law firm. Our secret to success is picking the right software to increase efficiency. Phrasexpander is that software. It is one of the easiest software programs I have ever used (I can train a new staff member in under five minutes) and it increases our productivity tenfold!
— Michael Drumm, Attorney, DRUMM LAW LLC

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If you are not happy with PhraseExpander, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase, and we’ll refund you right away!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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