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EMR is a reality for most doctors today. Every click or keystroke steals time that I could spend engaging patients. PhraseExpander maximizes my patient time, by minimizing my computer time. I call that a win-win.
— Paul Neumann, MD, OD, Optometrist


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How do I know if I still have access to the last version of PhraseExpander?

To check if your upgrade protection is still active, go to Help →  About PhraseExpander and check the expiration date for your current license. If your upgrade protection is still active, you can download and install the latest release for free.

What do I get when I renew my upgrade protection?

We will send you a new license code. Your upgrade protection will be extended for 1 year, based on the original expiration date. Even if your upgrade protection has expired many months ago, you’ll get access to the latest version and a minimum of 6 months of upgrade protection

Can I renew my license before the upgrade protection has expired?

Yes, of course. Your upgrade protection will be extended for another year, based on the original expiration date.

How can I upgrade to a different edition of PhraseExpander?

Sure, choose the current edition you have in the screen above and the new edition you desire.

When will I get my new license?

Once your order is confirmed and your upgrade eligibility verified, you will receive your new license code to activate PhraseExpander in a few minutes, directly into your mailbox.

How do I install my new license?

To activate your new license, you just need to enter the new license code clicking on Help / Enter License Key.

Are my data safe?

All orders are secured with military-grade TLS encryption. Your information is absolutely safe. All orders are processed via Fastspring., our e-commerce partner based in California, USA.

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