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Get instant access to your templates and snippets of text in any application,
by typing an abbreviation

All your templates are available in a single place

A perfect fit for anyone who frequently creates standardized documents

Medical doctors & healthcare professionals

PhraseExpander plugs into your EMR and instantly autocompletes medications and hard-to-type words. Give consistency to your notes with fill-in-the-blank templates


Store your clauses in PhraseExpander and have them ready when preparing a new contract. Avoid embarrassing mistakes due to copying and pasting from existing docs.

Sales teams

Sending a lot of emails to your prospects? Keep all your common phrases, signatures and product codes handy. Create a shared KB that can be instantly pasted in any application.

IT support

As you are working with lots of computers and systems, PhraseExpander provides a central repository where you can store all your scripts and applications.

Customer support

Zoom through your support tickets by automating the grunt work without sounding like a machine! Enforce a standard for your entire team and put all the required documentation in a ticket with little effort.


Write the narrative for report cards and pull them up with the touch of a button.

Trusted by thousands of happy customers
PhraseExpander not only saves time but improves accuracy and consistency as well

I run a small law firm that handles a client base of a large law firm. Our secret to success is picking the right software to increase efficiency. Phrasexpander is that software. It is one of the easiest software programs I have ever used (I can train a new staff member in under five minutes) and it increases our productivity tenfold!
— Michael Drumm, Attorney, DRUMM LAW LLC
As we have multiple support channels (email, tickets, chat) it was hard to keep the phrases in one place and in sync (and believe me, having this stuff in Excel is not a solution!). PhraseExpander proves to be a huge time saver that solves our problem very effectively.
— Toni Frankola, Co-founder and CEO, SysKit Ltd

Autocomplete your phrases in any application

Differently from other text expanders, PhraseExpander displays suggestions as you type, in the Suggestions window.

Type an abbreviation and PhraseExpander will display all the templates that match the text you typed.

You can trigger the desired template by pressing the SHIFT key.

There’s no need to remember abbreviations or to use prefixes as they will not conflict with your normal typing.

This works in Outlook, Microsoft Word, Chrome or any application where you can type.

Use templates to generate standardized email replies in a few clicks

Autocorrect your spelling mistakes in any application

Fix typos as you type

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