Discover the Breevy Alternative: PhraseExpander

Here’s why you should switch today at discounted price

If you currently use Breevy for text expansion but don’t feel it completely satisfies your needs, you are ready to switch to a more robust and powerful solution: PhraseExpander.

No sweat data import: get your Breevy data into PhraseExpader in a snap

We hate doing repetitive and boring tasks, and we know you have it too. And certainly, re-entering all the information you had in Breevy back to PhraseExpander is one of those.

That’s why PhraseExpander can automatically import your Breevy phrases so that you can experiment

Your Breevy set for text expansion can be automatically imported into PhraseExpander with a touch of a button so that the phrases you have already defined are immediately available for you to use.

Try PhraseExpander Free for 21 Days

You don’t need to commit right now. You can download PhraseExpander and try it for 21 days free of charge.

Why switch from Breevy to PhraseExpander?

PhraseExpander has been designed to expand text and for application launching and it’s a more user-friendly solution than Autohotkey to perform the following tasks (no need to learn a new programming language):

Do you forget your abbreviations? Or are they triggered when you don’t want them?

Our SmartComplete text autocomplete technology autocompletes words and phrases as you type. As you start typing, suggestions are displayed after the first two characters and, as you continue typing characters, the displayed list is narrowed down. This makes it faster to insert long or difficult-to-remember words and phrases.

Use hotkeys and abbreviations to pull up your favorite phrases

Insert your phrases in different ways, according to what better suits you in your specific situation: type an abbreviation, a key combination or select your favorite phrase from a pop-up list.

Launch your favorite applications, websites, and perform web searches

As in Autohotkey, you can use PhraseExpander to launch applications and websites. You can also use it to query websites like dictionaries, google, Wikipedia, and more

Create templates and fill them with point and click

Create templates that can be easily customized using Fill-in-the-blanks templates and design forms that assist you in repetitive data entry.

Switch to PhraseExpander at 15% off

We offer a special competitive upgrade discount to switch to PhraseExpander from Breevy Request your competitive upgrade coupon now.

Share your set of phrases with other computers and users with ease

Once you have defined your phrases, it’s very easy to share them with other users.

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