Jesse Mecham – From Zero to $4M/year Without Quora, Hacker News, or Mixergy (Microconf 2014)

Speaker: Jesse Mecham (@jessemecham)

Jesse grew his business to 4M/year in revenue starting with an idea and an Excel spreadsheet. He shares what he learned in his journey with YouNeedABudget.


  • Started with an Excel file to do budgeting and people started to come (400$/month)
  • Spreadsheet was "lowercase minimum valuable"
  • Assume you know nothing and be open to learn as you go
  • Spend less time reading and more time creating
  • Find your unique message proposition. You need to stand out of the crowd
  • You’ll find it by writing sales copy for your product. Over and over again
  • Settled on four rules for the system. Once settled on those rules, sales took off
  • Quit day job when making 20K/month
  • First, you need to convince people about the problem before they can be convinced about using your software
  • Give the method away and you can use the software to implement it
  • Lead with unique, that’s why people give you money In his case, the budgeting method is the unique bit
  • "How are we different from Mint? Mint is like doing postmortem analysis."
  • Do things fast and hack it

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