Brennan Dunn – 6 Tricks That Helped Me Triple My SaaS’ Growth Rate (Microconf 2014)

Speaker: Brennan Dunn (@brennandunn)

Brennan is a solopreneur and growth-hacker. He runs planscope and talks about little things that can have a big impact on growing your Saas business.

Main Takeaways

  • Identify and tweak points of optimization: Visitors > Trials > Activations > Paid. Treat one and it affects all the others. Same things for churn.
  • Reacquire drive-bys:
    • Use retargeting to drive interested people back to you
    • Different intentions shall be addressed differently: information search (looking to solve a problem) vs product search (looking for a product) must be addressed differently
  • Segmentation
    • Make this a product for one
    • Adapt your communication to your audience
    • Create specialized landing pages for each persona
    • A perfectly placed "if" condition can go a long way toward improving conversions. Technically easy to do.
  • Trial scores
    • Assign a score to each trial, so you know which one you should manually outreach and are more likely not to convert
    • Send different emails for good trial/bad trial sequences.
    • Take a snapshot of db when a user buys. Find commonalities. If they do all the commonalities = 100% score.
  • Educate everywhere:
    • Your product is a very small part of customer’s business.
    • Sends a manual email when a proposal closes. Responses become excellent testimonials
  • Do an exit interview
    • If you ask for a credit card first, they are required to cancel
    • Show them a text box asking what went wrong. You’ll learn a lot from the feedback you get there (and possibly save the sale)
    • People cancel for environmental reason (they no longer have a need) or product reason (your product is not working for them)
  • Increase LTV
    • The goals of the trial is to establish product fit. When done, charge
    • Why don’t you upgrade from trial now? I’ll give you this book in exchange
    • Figure out when accounts typically churn, email a few months before with a coupon discount for life. Make their account more valuable over time.

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