Dave Rodenbaugh – How to buy your way to fame and fortune as a Bootstrapper (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: Dave Rodenbaugh (@daverodenbaugh)

Main Takeaways

  • Runs a wordpress plugin business (Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and Business Directory Plugin)
  • Started as a freelancer and was tired of trading hours for dollars
  • Two approaches to have a product: buy or build
    • Build: more work required. Need to find a market that has a problem that can be solved with a product. And then have to promote it
    • Buy: need to focus on promotion only (if you have chosen your product wisely)
  • Purchased the AWCP website on Flippa for $1,000
  • When purchasing a website you want to make sure that:
    • It has established traffic and customers
    • A poor sales funnel and design (so you can optimize it)
    • Max $2000 price tag (you shall be prepared to lose that money)
  • Support is everything for a wordpress plugin (that’s why people pay premium for)
  • Charge higher for plugins
  • Customers love bundling but you need to put a lot of stuff in the bundle (about 65% of revenue comes from bundles)
  • WordPress.org is google for plugins much easier to rank and you automatically get good ranking in google
  • Follow the rules when list your wordpress or you’ll be kicked out
  • Can you do that? Find something that interests you on Flippa, buy something in your budget, improve the experience, get feedback

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