Andrea Nagar – I Thought $575/mo Was Good. Then I Did This and Turned My Side Income into My Job… (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: Andrea Nagar (@nagar)

Main Takeaways

  • Started his business building PhraseExpander, a text expansion software for Windows based on his own needs
  • Totally focused on the product. Had no idea of who could use it. If he has a need for it, other people will probably need it as well
  • Used the old approach. Build the product first and people will come
  • Things didn’t work out. Sales were stagnant and things were not going anywhere
  • Breakthrough when meeting Eng Tong Tan in Singapore, a very peculiar business consultant
  • Completely different take on business. Eng says: "Help people first and solve their problems. Money is a consequence"
  • "It’s not how you sell. It’s why they buy"
  • Decided to focus on the people you are helping. Understanding the market and the audience.
  • Start calling your customers to understand what’s was going on in their life
    • What was going on into your life when you decided to look for a solution?
    • How difficult is it to get started with out product?
    • What specific benefits are you getting from using it?
  • Redesign product and marketing copy to resonate with the audience
  • Use their language and discover the voice of your customers
  • Sales up 10x without paid advertising or focusing on marketing
  • Focus on your customers: if you can understand their problems better than anyone else, your experience a substantial growth in your business

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