Ryan Delk – Lifting the Veil: The Data Behind Successful Product Launches (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: Ryan Delk (@delk)

Main Takeaways

  • Ryan is growing Gumroad, the platform to sell information products to your customers
  • From idea to launch. Which data is useful to get the proper decisions?
  • Pricing
    • Always tier your pricing. Best performance tiers are 1x, 2.2x, 5x
    • Revenue with tiers brings 5 times more revenue
    • If you put value on the top package 62% of the revenue comes from the top tier.
  • Pre-sales
    • Emails are gold to prelaunch a product.
    • You need to incentivize people to give you your email: offer discounts, a first chapter of the book or a few minutes of a video.
    • 3X revenue that comes from using emails
  • Actual launch
    • Revenue distribution: 55% (first 24 hours), 20% (first week),
      15% (first month)
    • Different social channels conversions rate for buying:
      • YouTube: 2.2%
      • Twitter: 5.4%
      • Facebook: 6.3%
      • Email: 9.4%
      • Hacker News: 1.2%

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