John Turner – How I built a 6 figure WordPress Plugin Business while working a Day Job (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: John Turner (@johnturner)

Main Takeaways

  • Founder at, the ultimate coming soon & maintenance mode plugin for WordPress
  • Experience with Saas apps but bad experience at selling. Joined the Micropreneur Academy and tried a new approach
  • Start simple and learn how to build and market it.
  • Built a free plugin and start immediately to get traffic and feature requests.
  • Started building a pro version.
  • Started getting sales. Quality plugins are unserved market
  • People need support and something that really works.
  • Work in a very focused time at night and week-ends
  • Test, measure, rinse & repeat. Price testing, package testing, blog posts, marketplaces, AB testing, ads, affiliate programs. Figure out what worked and didn’t work
  • How to do it with a day job: stop wasting time. Lunch break, 3-4 hours a night, 8-12 hours on the weekend. Low stress day job, focus and baby steps.

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