Benjamin Curtis – Selling to Developers: Mission Impossible? (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: Benjamin Curtis (@stympy)

Main Takeaways

  • Founder of (an exception, uptime, and performance monitoring for Ruby).
  • How can you appeal to the characteristics of great programmers?
    • Laziness:
      • sell benefits and features
      • Once you have shown the benefits you need to sell them on the features
      • How can I find in the least amount of time if it satisfies the problem?
      • A video shows you the code to answer the question: will this work for me?
    • Impatience:
      • How long will it take to try?
      • Do I need to get permission?
      • Get people in as fast as possible without requiring a cc because the developer doesn’t have access to it.
    • Hubris (time is money):
      • Can I build it myself?
      • How long would it take?
      • Will this really save me time? Or am I going to spend as much time integrating this as I would building my own?
      • Often the developer values his time zero. I won’t give you $9.99, but I’ll spend two weeks building my own.
      • Educate them on how much time/difficulty you spent on it and that their time is worth money.
  • Target their psychology and then you can sell to them.

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