Brian Casel – How I Built (and Automated) a Content Marketing Machine For My SaaS (Microconf 2014)

Guest Speaker: Brian Casel (@CasJam)

Main Takeaways

  • Brian runs Restaurant engine, a web design solution for restaurants
  • Goals
    • Establish trust
    • Keep costs down
    • Avoid using paid channels
    • Build a steady source of traffic
  • Systematize, automate and outsource
  • The content writing team creates the post (and has a guideline on how to properly format it)
  • Option to review it if necessary
  • Writers manage editorial calendar (two months in advance)
  • How to get ideas for new contents? Look for contents in forums, industry blogs and magazines
  • Gather data on the current articles and see what’s most popular
  • Keep readers engaged anticipating next email.
  • Post is published on Mondays, newsletter is sent on Tuesdays (completely automated)
  • Guest post every month on the topic pitched (add a call to action on the byline of the blog post)
  • Provide highly relevant contents. Repurposing contest like creating slide decks can help.

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