SmartComplete: Universal Autocomplete

Watch your frequently used terms and phrases almost type themselves

Save time with word and phrase autocompletion

SmartComplete™ will speed up your typing by offering relevant suggestions.

  • As you start typing, suggestions are displayed near the cursor

  • As you continue typing, the number of suggestions is reduced, so that you can easily spot the tempalte you want

  • Press SHIFT to trigger the template (or continue typing normally)

smartcomplete phrase autocomplete

autocomplete words

Avoid mistakes with long and hard-to-type terms

Typing long and very similar terms can be a pain.

SmartComplete™ can help by autocompleting them.

  • Type the first couple of letters of the word you want to insert

  • Then type any other character of the abbreviation until you narrow down the selection to the desired one.

  • Press the SHIFT key to confirm

How SmartComplete™ can help

  • Partial abbreviation matching: you don’t need to remember the entire abbreviation as suggestions are displayed immediately

  • Ability to use natural abbreviations: use words and terms that feel natural to you (without using prefixes)

  • Smart selection: type the beginning of the template and then any letter contained in the abbreviation to narrow down the selection

  • Avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes when typing long or hard-to-spell terms

  • Universal autocomplete: autocomplete words and phrases in any program

  • Group abbreviations by category: display similar abbreviations together (by assigning the same beginning). Find the appropriate one by typing a few more keystrokes.

  • No configuration required: SmartComplete is already active for all your abbreviations

Phrase continuations predict what’s coming next

PhraseExpander can suggest what you are most likely to type, according to the templates you have already defined.

As you type, you’ll see suggestions appear on the screen. This will increase your typing speed and accuracy even more.

phrase continuations