All your templates in a single place

Edit, find and keep your templates organized

Keep your templates in order

As your list of templates grows, it can be a nightmare to keep everything in order.

With PhraseExpander you can:

  • Organize your templates in hierarchical groups

  • Move templates between glossaries and groups

  • Display templates by last usage or creation

  • Detect and manage duplicate templates

  • Detect duplicate abbreviations

  • Split or assemble templates


Full control of formatting

If you are used to Microsoft Word, you’ll feel at home.

Create plain text templates or add color, tables, images, and formatting.

Multi-tab editor for easy editing of complex templates

PhraseExpander can show more than one template at the same time.

Variables and macros are highlighted to make the document easy to read, edit and maintain.

Use shortcuts to speed up everyday tasks

We have added keyboard shortcuts to perform many common operations, to save you more time.

Adding & editing templates

Create a template from the current selection CTRL + SHIFT + W
Add a macro to launch the active application CTRL + SHIFT + A
Create an autocorrect from the current selection CTRL + SHIFT + Q
Extract templates from the selected text CTRL + SHIFT + F8
Edit the last executed template CTRL + SHIFT + E


Display the Quick Find ALT + SPACE
Universal spell checker CTRL + SHIFT + F12
Toggle keystroke detection CTRL + SHIFT + F10

PhraseExpander can extract frequent terms and phrases from documents

Import or extract data from your documents

On top of manually adding your contents, you can build your library faster:

  • Analyze and extract the most frequently typed texts and phrases from your documents and build your glossary from them

  • Import data from any text file, list or Excel file

  • Import the phrases you have already stored in other text expansion apps

Feed PhraseExpander with Excel

PhraseExpander can extract the data you have stored in Excel (or any CSV file) and build a glossary.

It can also create a link to it, so when data changes, your templates are automatically updated.

This will work like a floating database you can query in any application.

For example, you can use this to enter a product code by typing its name.

Import from Excel and CSV data
PhraseExpander exclusion list

Restrict PhraseExpander to work in specific applications

Choose if you want PhraseExpander to work in any application or only in specific ones.

According to how you use it, you may decide to have it active only in specific applications (e.g. Microsoft Word) or have it work in any application except for a specific exclusion list.

You can also apply the restrictions at the glossary level and have different glossaries active in different applications.

Automatic backups keep you safe

PhraseExpander automatically creates daily backups of your precious data.

You can save them on your computer or on a cloud drive (like Dropbox).

Backup Manager