Do more than text expansion with macros​

Use abbreviations to launch & control apps, open websites and more…​

Use PhraseExpander as your control center

Over 20 macros allow you to do more than just expanding text, like:

  • Launch applications

  • Open websites

  • Perform web searches

  • Define and recall variables

  • Insert the current date/time

  • Use templates as building blocks for other templates

  • Perform calculations based on user inputs

  • Control other applications via keyboard shortcuts

  • Manipulate text

  • Manage the Clipboard

  • Perform actions based on an if/then logic

Perform calculations without leaving the active application

Type an expression and PhraseExpander will automatically calculate it for you and show you the result.

Insert the current date time

Insert the current date/time

If you need to insert the current date in a document, you can rely on the Date/Time macro for it:

  • Customize your preferred formatting

  • Time shift allows you to insert a date in the past or in the future

Easy editing

There’s no need to be an IT expert to customize your templates.

  • Double-click on the macro definition (which is highlighted in the editor) to tweak and customize your macro

  • All macro options can be selected from the macro editor

  • Similarly you can edit variables by double-clicking on their placeholder

The new variable syntax

Syntax Highlighting

When adding a lot of macros and variables, templates can become hard to read.

Here’s how PhraseExpander makes that easy.

  • Syntax Highlighting: coloring the macros and variables in the templates makes them easier to spot and understand

  • Variable placeholders: all the settings that make variables work are stored outside the document (in the variable storage), keeping the document clean

If macro for easy template personalization

Easily create branching logic with the if macro.

Here’s just a few things that you can do with the if macro:

  • Adapt the pronouns in the template based on the gender

  • Hide or display sections of a template based on the user input

  • Display a different message based on the time of the day or the day of the week

The if / then macro