Renew your upgrade protection

The pricing below is for licenses with an active upgrade protection, or still in the grace period (60 days after expiration).
You can check this in PhraseExpander, by clicking on Help > About



per user / per year


per user

Your upgrade protection will be extended for 12 more months from the original expiration date.

If your license expired more than 60 days ago, please check our reactivation pricing.

EMR is a reality for most doctors today. Every click or keystroke steals time that I could spend engaging patients. PhraseExpander maximizes my patient time, by minimizing my computer time. I call that a win-win.
— Paul Neumann, MD, OD, Optometrist

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How do I know if I still have access to the last version of PhraseExpander?

To check if your upgrade protection is still active, go to Help →  About PhraseExpander and check the expiration date for your current license. If your upgrade protection is still active, you can download and install the latest release for free.

What do I get when I renew my upgrade protection?

We will send you a new license code. Your upgrade protection will be extended for 1 year, based on the original expiration date.

What should I do if my upgrade protection has expired?

If your upgrade protection has expired by more than 60 days ago (grace period), you can reactivate your license and you’ll get 1 year of upgrades and support, starting from the order date.

Can I renew my license before the upgrade protection has expired?

Yes, of course. Your upgrade protection will be extended for another year, based on the original expiration date.

How can I upgrade to a different edition of PhraseExpander?

Sure, choose the current edition you have in the screen above and the new edition you desire.

When will I get my new license?

Once your order is confirmed and your upgrade eligibility verified, you will receive your new license code to activate PhraseExpander in a few minutes, directly into your mailbox.

How do I install my new license?

To activate your new license, you just need to enter the new license code clicking on Help / Enter License Key.

Are my data safe?

All orders are secured with military-grade TLS encryption. Your information is absolutely safe. All orders are processed via Fastspring., our e-commerce partner based in California, USA.