PhraseExpander Enterprise

Ideal for large and centralized installations

PhraseExpander Enterprise is designed for large installations (usually 20+), especially in scenarios where a centralized deployment and consolidated billing is needed.

PhraseExpander Enterprise has the same features as PhraseExpander Medical plus:

  • Centralized installation: deploy PhraseExpander via a central installation on Terminal Services or Citrix

  • Per user license: the license is not tied to a specific machine and the user can access PhraseExpander on different machines

  • Centralized licensing: manage your licenses from a central location

  • Ability to define and apply global settings companywide: define settings like the default database or default settings related to your environment for all users

  • Ability to export usage stats in a central location: usage stats, for all users, can be automatically exported (in CSV format) in a central location for further analysis

  • Ability to create admin and read-only users: when sharing a glossaries, you can prevent specific users from making changes and ensure they are always running the lastest version of the templates

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PhraseExpander has revolutionized how we have done notes here and lets us make good readable notes quickly, instead of skimping and turning in short notes that don’t say much.
EMR is a reality for most doctors today. Every click or keystroke steals time that I could spend engaging patients. PhraseExpander maximizes my patient time, by minimizing my computer time. I call that a win-win.
— Paul Neumann, MD, OD, Optometrist
PhraseExpander has allowed me to write more detailed notes in a shorter amount of time, and the creation of custom forms for specific chief complaints prevents me from forgetting to ask key questions while taking a history.
— Ari Kounavis, M.D., Pediatric Allergy/Immunology