PhraseExpander Enterprise

Ideal for large and centralized installations

PhraseExpander Enterprise is designed for large installations (normally 20+), especially in scenarios where a centralized deployment and consolidated billing is needed.

PhraseExpander Enterprise has the same features of PhraseExpander Professional plus:

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PhraseExpander saves much time we need to care about our customers.
— Achim Oswald, System Administrator
As a programmer working in the medical field, I have found tons of uses for PhraseExpander. I can quickly drop in snippets of code in an instant, open programs with a keystroke, and staff even utilize it to search for ICD-10 codes!
— Christopher M. DeFranco, CPEHR, Clinical Informatics Analyst, OLMSTED MEDICAL CENTER
As we have multiple support channels (email, tickets, chat) it was hard to keep the phrases in one place and in sync (and believe me, having this stuff in Excel is not a solution!). PhraseExpander proves to be a huge time saver that solves our problem very effectively.
— Toni Frankola, Co-founder and CEO, SysKit Ltd