PhraseExpander Enterprise

Ideal for large and centralized installations

PhraseExpander Enterprise is designed for large installations (normally 20+), especially in scenarios where a centralized deployment is needed.

PhraseExpander Enterprise has the same features of PhraseExpander Professional plus:

  • Centralized installation: deploy PhraseExpander via a central installation on Terminal Services or Citrix
  • Per user license: the license is not tied to a specific machine and the user can access PhraseExpander on different machines
  • Centralized licensing: manage your licenses from a central location

We work hard to ensure your success

Here’s how our process works

1. Exploratory call (30m)

Before we go into a demo or send any quote, we want to talk to you on the phone and truly understand what you are struggling with.

That’s how we can understand if PhraseExpander is the best solution for you.

We need to speak with someone in your company that has a full knowledge of the problems and the implications.

If we can honestly help, we can move to the next step. If we do not feel we can provide you with the service you need, we nicely decline and we may even recommend solutions from our competitors if we think they are a better fit.

We want to be sure we can create a lot of value for you and that you will be happy in the long run.

2. Trial setup

We set up a customized trial for you so you can test the software in your own environment. You’ll  get a hands-on experience of PhraseExpander and get a better understanding of how it works for you.

3. Demo (1h)

Based on what we discussed in (1) and your questions, we set up a demo customized to your specific requirements.

We make sure we address all your questions and define further steps.

If we find there’s a mutual fit, we discuss the best way to move things forward and optionally set up a pilot.

So, let's get started

Get in touch by calling us at +1 (530) 551-0705 or filling the form below.

We’ll call you back in a few hours (we are pretty fast!) and make sure you can fully evaluate PhraseExpander and see if it’s the right solution for you.

Special pricing
How many people would need this?
PhraseExpander saves much time we need to care about our customers.
— Achim Oswald, System Administrator
As a programmer working in the medical field, I have found tons of uses for PhraseExpander. I can quickly drop in snippets of code in an instant, open programs with a keystroke, and staff even utilize it to search for ICD-10 codes!
— Christopher M. DeFranco, CPEHR, Clinical Informatics Analyst, OLMSTED MEDICAL CENTER
As we have multiple support channels (email, tickets, chat) it was hard to keep the phrases in one place and in sync (and believe me, having this stuff in Excel is not a solution!). PhraseExpander proves to be a huge time saver that solves our problem very effectively.
— Toni Frankola, Co-founder and CEO, SysKit Ltd
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