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Stop retyping your common phrases over and over

Immediately recall them by typing an abbreviation in any application

Trusted by thousands of happy customers

I have used PhraseExpander for 3 years now. I strongly recommend this product to save time, insert prebuilt recurring sentences, phrases, paragraphs or even hard-to-type long words.
— Mansoor Ahmed, MD, Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center of Kentucky
As we have multiple support channels (email, tickets, chat) it was hard to keep the phrases in one place and in sync (and believe me, having this stuff in Excel is not a solution!). PhraseExpander proves to be a huge time saver that solves our problem very effectively.
— Toni Frankola, Co-founder and CEO, SysKit Ltd

Download PhraseExpander for a free, 21-day, no-risk, no-limitation trial.

PhraseExpander only takes around a minute to download and a few clicks to install. 

You can uninstall PhraseExpander at any time with a few mouse clicks.

Autocomplete your phrases in any application

Suggestions are displayed as you type

Unlike other text expanders, PhraseExpander displays suggestions as you type in the Suggestions window.

Type an abbreviation, and PhraseExpander will display all the phrases that match the text you typed.

You can trigger the desired phrase by pressing the SHIFT key.

There’s no need to remember abbreviations or to use prefixes as they will not conflict with your regular typing.

Use templates to generate customized texts in a few clicks

  • Trigger any template by typing an abbreviation

  • Select the appropriate items from the form

  • Customize the generated text in the preview window

  • Confirm to insert the generated text in the active application

Generate a phrase from a template

Discover the most advanced text expansion solution
backed with excellent support

  • Create fill-in-the-blanks forms

  • Integrated spell checker

  • Autocorrect you typos in any application

  • Import your data from other text expansion apps

  • Powerful macro language

  • Use it to launch your favorite apps and websites

  • Easily share your phrase with your team

  • Autocomplete words and phrases as you type with SmartComplete

  • Work with plain and formatted phrases

  • Populate your phrases from Excel or CSV file

  • Free templates are available for download

  • Clipboard History

  • Keep your data safe with automatic backups

  • Trigger your phrases with both shortcuts and abbreviations

  • Cloud service (e.g. Dropbox) integration

  • Responsive support by email and phone

  • Detailed stats tell you how much time you are saving


Say STOP to time-consuming data entry now

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