Elation Health is teaming up with PhraseExpander ​

So you can save up to 3-hours a day by NOT retyping

PhraseExpander Medical is the templating system designed for physicians

Autocomplete long and hard to type terms and create templates that you can reuse in any section of your EMR

We have a special deal for Elation Health Customers
Get 20% Off PhraseExpander Medical

We have created a special edition of PhraseExpander specifically designed for Medical Doctors: PhraseExpander Medical.

This is ideal for solo and small practices (up to 20 providers).

It uses the same licensing model as Elation Health to make things easier for you. 

Purchase a license for each provider and all your staff gets to use PhraseExpander for free.

PhraseExpander Medical edition has the same features of PhraseExpander Professional, but it’s licensed per provider instead of per user.

You can check all the differences here.

So, as a provider, you have the flexibility to install PhraseExpander on more than one machine and give it to your secretary or the people who help you documenting the patient’s visit.

Yes. You will be charged only once for PhraseExpander. This is not a subscription.

With your license you’ll also get free upgrades (including major and minor versions) and support for 1 year.

After 1 year, you can renew your upgrade protection of PhraseExpander ($119/provider/year) to continue receiving updates and support.

PhraseExpander is licensed per provider, so you shall purchase a license for each provider in your practice.

As a rule of thumb, you shall purchase as many licenses of PhraseExpander as you have of Elation Health.

Yes, PhraseExpander Medical is licensed per provider, similarly to Elation Health.

You can share your license of PhraseExpander with nurses and admin staff.

Your license key will be delivered in a few minutes after the order is confirmed.

Absolutely not. All the data you put inside PhraseExpander will be accessible to you once you enter the license key.

Sure, you can install PhraseExpander Medical on all the machines in your practice, as long as you purchased a license for each provider.

If you have no staff and you are the only person who needs to work with PhraseExpander, then the Professional Edition would be a better fit for you.

After the 20% Elation Health discount, it will cost you $119 (instead of $149) and you can choose the Home & Office pack option at checkout if you need to install PhraseExpander on your office machine, home machine and laptop.

Click here to purchase PhraseExpander Professional

If you need to license more than 20 providers, please get in touch with Elation Health to learn more about our enterprise offerings.

Get your license now

Reserved to small practices (up to 20 providers)

One-time fee. No subscription. Only $199 / provider (instead of $249)

Or learn more about the PhraseExpander unique capabilities

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