Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine saves 45m/day per prescriber

Jaime Saal is the executive director at Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Her company has been using PhraseExpander since 2018.


  • The providers were retyping the same phrases over and over again.
  • EMR didn’t allow them to pull in common phrases.
  • They wanted to decrease the administrative burdens to free time for patient care.

How that was solved

  • PhraseExpander has allowed them to import their common phrases very easily.
  • Helpful tutorials and responsive support allowed most clinicians to implement the new technology in a couple of weeks.


  • Documentation has become less tedious and more thorough.
  • Each prescriber saves up to 45 minutes per day in the documentation.
  • Providers are now able to focus their energy on patients.