Optometrist uses a single template in PhraseExpander to create multiple reports while saving 1h/day

Nathan Heilman, OD is a Doctor of Optometry at River Valley Eye Professionals, in Northfield, Minnesota.

He has been using PhraseExpander since 2017.


  • In the EMR, he had to generate multiple templates for one particular problem.
  • Typing everything from scratch is a big burden.
  • He was always behind on charting.

How that was solved

  • With PhraseExpander, he can create one single template for each category of report or letter.
  • By pressing a few keystrokes, he can generate complete reports and automate several tasks across multiple platforms.


  • PhraseExpander is an efficiency builder that saves him an hour a day in paperwork.
  • Thanks to formatting and customization, he generates neat and professional reports at the snap of a finger.