Chiropractor stopped documenting patient notes on Saturdays

James Fernandes, DC is a Chiropractor at Lake Health Care Center in Eustis, Florida.

He has been using PhraseExpander since 2016.


  • Their EMR program was very complex and required a lot of clicking all over the place to complete a note.
  • He wasn’t able to keep up with his notes during the visits.
  • Eye contact with the patients was hardly possible while absorbed in data entry.

How that was solved

  • Text expansion and easily customizable templates help him complete the notes in a timely fashion.
  • The great networkability allows setting up and sharing the database with the whole staff.


  • PhraseExpander provides the right tools to make the note-taking process much simpler.
  • He doesn’t have to work on Saturdays anymore to catch up with his notes.
  • He has regained the opportunity to talk to the patients during the visits.