Add notes to forms in PhraseExpander 4.9.7

With PhraseExpander 4.9.7 we added the ability to insert notes inside an Input Form.

This allows you to insert comments and notes that people can see when filling in a form (without inserting any additional text into the generated report).

PhraseExpander 4.8 adds support for Windows 10 and more

PhraseExpander 4.8 officially supports Windows 10 and the new browser Microsoft Edge.

This is an important upgrade that you shall not miss if you decide to move to the new Windows 10 (which is a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users).

Improved phrase synchronization with PhraseExpander 4.6 RealSync™

PhraseExpander 4.6 introduces RealSync™, the new server-less synchronization engine that lets you share your phrases with your team.

This is a big improvement over the past. With RealSync™, multiple users can modify phrases at the same time, and PhraseExpander will take care of managing conflicts and merging changes.

This will result in a smoother collaboration experience, and everyone will feel free to make changes without fear of losing data.

Try the new PhraseExpander 4 and discover how work can be a pleasure

You spoke, we listened. You asked for a faster and smoother way to create, manage and edit your phrases, so we decided to fully redesign PhraseExpander in order to improve your data entry experience.
PhraseExpander 4 Beta is now available for testing. This is a complete revolution in text expansion. Forget about having to remember abbreviations, and start enjoying your data entry chores.

PhraseExpander 3.9.5 keeps all your phrases in sync among your PCs

If you are constantly switching between PCs, you’ll appreciate the new phrase roaming feature of PhraseExpander. Save your database with all your phrases in a shared folder (or in the cloud, e.g. Dropbox) and PhraseExpander will automatically detect changes and keep your phrases in sync, in all your computers.