Perfectly fit for medical doctors, customer care and IT specialists, and sales teams

PhraseExpander makes data entry easy, fast and accurate for doctors and customer care specialists.

new PhraseExpander 4
The new PhraseExpander 4 reinvents text expansion

You spoke, we listened.

You asked for a chance to easily navigate your phrases. You asked to manage them more efficiently. You asked for a smoother way to create and edit phrases and templates.

The new PhraseExpander 4 does that and much more to make your data entry a dazzling experience.

Trusted by thousands of happy customers in 37 countries

Thousands of users trust PhraseExpander
  • PhraseExpander saves much time we need to care about our customers.

    Achim Oswald, TeamViewer
  • Writing clear and polite emails is now extremely easy and fast.

    Jean-Michel Moreau, VistaPrint
  • If you work on a computer for a large part of your time, you need this.

    Brian Reisman, Microsoft

Great time-saver for Medical Doctors
Faster than typing, more accurate than dictating

Nanette Nuessle, MD

PhraseExpander has been a life changer. I can write templates that read like my handwritten notes and they can be edited in just a few seconds.

Nanette Nuessle, MD, Director of Pediatrics at Mercy Hospital, USA

Before using PhraseExpander it took me almost 2 hours to dictate my notes every day.
Now, I don’t bring charts home any more.

Manish Patel, MD, CEO / Partner Southwest Orthopaedic Group, Austin – USA

Get rid of repetitive typing with PhraseExpander in just 3 steps

create a phrase
set the short for the phrase
type the short to trigger the phrase

Let us take care of your tedious typing. You have better things to do.

Guaranteed to speed up your writing even if you are a slow typer

5 Reasons to love PhraseExpander

  • PhraseExpander is saving our top customers up to 3 hours per day (30 minutes/day being quite common) (download the case study [PDF]).
  • Reduce the amount of repetitive typing and errors. Your sore hands deserve a break.
  • Instantly get started with more than 5,000 phrases and autocorrections in many languages, available for free.
  • Step by step tutorials will guide you from the simplest to the most advanced tasks.
  • Look smart with your friends and coworkers as they see you breeze through your routine tasks.