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You can customize how information is displayed in the Suggestion Window, so that it better adapts to how you work.

How to customize the Suggestions Window

To customize the Suggestions window, you can click on the gear icon gear.

A menu will popup, allowing you to customize the following options:


The Suggestion options are displayed by clicking on the gear icon.

The Suggestion options are displayed by clicking on the gear icon.


1.Suggestions: define the number of suggestions to show when you are typing

2.Display description first: if checked, PhraseExpander will display the description before the abbreviation in the Suggestions Window

3.Confirm phrase with: you can set the confirmation key you want to use to confirm your phrases (default is SHIFT)

4.Reset position: resets the default position where the Suggestions window is displayed if the cursor position cannot be detected

5.Position above cursor: if checked, PhraseExpander displays the suggestions above the cursor (instead of below)

6.Ignore this application: if you don't want PhraseExpander to detect keystrokes in the current application, you can disable it. You can change and edit the ignore list application in the Advanced Options

7.Add a new phrase...: adds a new phrase to PhraseExpander


Contextual operations

Right-clicking in the Suggestions window, a popup menu is shown to perform an action on the selected phrase:

1.Edit: open PhraseExpander main window to edit the selected phrase

2.Delete: delete the selected phrase

3.Copy: copy the phrase text to the clipboard


Changing the Suggestions Window appearance

You can modify the appearance of the Suggestions window (fonts, size and colors) from the Appearance Options.


NOTE: if you don't see the suggestions you are expecting to see, check the phrase execution precedence.