Why PhraseExpander

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PhraseExpander saves time typing texts, filling forms, launching programs, opening websites and automating common tasks by using customized shortcuts. It can also correct your spelling mistakes.

PhraseExpander can suggest words, phrases and actions you may want to perform, as you type. PhraseExpander can also enhance your Windows Clipboard by giving you instant access to the latest texts that you have copied into the Clipboard.

When enabled, PhraseExpander monitors the keyboard as you work. Regardless of what application you are using, if you type an abbreviation, PhraseExpander suggests a possible phrase you may want to insert by showing a little window (the Suggestions window) that contains information related to the current context.


PhraseExpander detects the typed abbreviation and shows the Suggestions Window

PhraseExpander detects the typed abbreviation and shows the Suggestions Window


If you press the SHIFT key, PhraseExpander performs the requested action (and removes the typed abbreviation if required). If you ignore the suggestion and just keep working, the Suggestions window vanishes - PhraseExpander is designed not to interrupt you!

PhraseExpander can also automatically correct your spelling mistakes as you type.


PhraseExpander can save time and improve data entry by performing many different tasks:


1.automatically correct your spelling mistakes in any application

2.insert repetitive text and paragraphs by typing just a few keystrokes

3.autocomplete long or hard to type technical terms

4.open your favorite websites with a few keystrokes

5.create and fill customizable text templates

6.automate web searches

7.automate your tasks thanks to the integrated powerful macro language