Sharing glossaries in an enterprise

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Available in PhraseExpander Professional

PhraseExpander allows you to easily share phrases between different PCs using a peer to peer network. You don't need to setup a server, and you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Even if users make changes at the same glossary, PhraseExpander will be able to detect the changes (and possible conflicts) and merge them.


Getting started

1.Export the glossary you want to share to a glossary file, and place it into a folder that is accessible to all users (you may just need to create a shared folder).

2.Each user will link to the shared glossary


Setting up user access privileges

Setting up user privileges is very simple, as you can use file system permissions. You can assign read or read/write privileges according to what operations your users are allowed to perform.


Detecting changes

When the linked glossary is changed, PhraseExpander detects it and displays a different icon glossaryOutdated, so that users know that the underlying glossary file has changed.

To update the glossary, click on the Get changes button to overwrite the current glossary with the contents of the glossary file.


Resolving conflicts

If the phrase is changed both locally and remotely, PhraseExpander detects that and displays the conflict icon near the shared glossary glossaryError. Hovering on the glossary, the name of the person that last changed the glossary is displayed. You can resolve the conflict by showing the differences between the remote and the local version and decide which version to keep.


Setting up a scenario where only few users make the changes

One common scenario is that there are a small number of users who need to change phrases (writers) and a bigger number of people who just need to get access to them. PhraseExpander works best in this scenario, and makes it very easy to setup (with no need of setting up a server).


Reader/writer users (will have read/write access to the shared folder)

These users are allowed to change the phrases and publish them in the shared folder.

1.Make sure that the glossary you want to change is updated. To do that, click on the Glossaries / Get changes button

2.Perform the required changes and then click on the Glossaries / Send local changes button (changes are now published in the shared folder)


NOTE: If multiple users change the same glossary at the same time, PhraseExpander will detect that and offer the option to merge the changes.


Reader users (will have read-only access to the shared folder)

These users don't need to update the phrases and can get automatic updates when phrases are changed. To setup PhraseExpander for them, follow these steps:

1. Click on Glossaries / Link to external glossary, and choose the linked glossary to connect to

2. Click on the arrow on the Glossaries / Get changes button and make sure that the Autoupdate on remote changes is checked

Whenever any of the linked glossaries is updated on the shared folder, the users will automatically get the updates.