Phrases Overview

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A phrase represents an action that is performed by PhraseExpander. According to the contents of the phrase, the result of the action execution can be very different.

A phrase can be used to insert a commonly typed piece of text, like your email address, a stock sentence or any piece of text you use frequently; it can also be used to complete complex terms and perform other operations like launching applications, documents, performing searches on the web, creating customized templates or automating tasks on your computer.


Phrases can be in plain text or contain rich formatted text that allows pictures and text styling.


A phrase is normally associated with an abbreviation (a short sequence of letters). When typing the abbreviation, PhraseExpander will display the Suggestions window, showing which phrases are associated with that abbreviation, and allowing you to execute one.

For example, you can define the abbreviation "sign" to enter your signature, or "email" to enter your email address.


You don't need to type the entire abbreviation. In many cases, thanks to the SmartComplete feature, PhraseExpander is able to suggest the proper phrase after just a few characters of the abbreviation have been typed.


Once you have selected an abbreviation, you can confirm the associated action by typing the confirmation key (SHIFT key being the default).




sign [SHIFT] -> inserts your signature

email [SHIFT] -> inserts your email address