Checking remote changes

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Available in PhraseExpander Professional

RealSync™ is the technology that allows you to share and sync the phrases between different users without the need of an external server.

RealSync™ can keep track of changes, lets you accept or reject changes made by other users and merge conflicts if phrases have been edited at the same time.


If the linked glossary has changes remotely, PhraseExpander can display a list of changes.

If the glossary has been changed both remotely and locally, PhraseExpander will show the phrases in conflicts and offer the option to resolve the conflicts


How see remote changes

1.When the remote glossary has changed, PhraseExpander displays that by showing the Remote pending changes icon glossaryOutdated

2.Click on the Check remote changes button
A window with a list of the changes executed in the remote glossary is displayed

3.If the phrase has changed in the remote version (or if there's a conflict), click on View changes to see the differences between the two versions


How to accept / reject remote changes

1.Click on the checkbox near each item to accept / reject the remote change

2.If there phrase is in conflict (has been changed both in the remote and local version of the glossary), click on the Resolve button

3.You can choose to either take the local version, the remote version or keep both and decide what to do later

4.Click on the Merge button to merge the remote changes in the glossary


Publish your glossary

1.Once you have merged your changes, the glossary will be in status Local changes pending glossaryPending

2.Click on Send changes to publish your changes
If before sending the changes, someone modified the remote glossary, PhraseExpander will notify you and will offer the option to resolve the conflict and merge changes again.


NOTE: you can use the Check remote changes to examine the changes before importing them also when the glossary is in conflict glossaryError