Exporting glossaries

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To export a glossary

1.Select the glossaries or groups.

2.From the Glossaries tab, select Export Glossaries...
PhraseExpander opens the Export Glossaries window

3.Choose the format for exporting the glossary

4.Choose the filename and click on Finish
PhraseExpander exports the glossaries into the chosen format


Export data formats


PhraseExpander supports two formats for exporting data:


1.PhraseExpander Glossary file (ipglo): this is the standard format, keeping all the information related to the phrases. Use this format to create backups of your glossaries or share phrases with other people.

2.CSV file (csv): exports the phrases to a CSV (comma separated values) file that can be read by Excel. This allows to view all the phrases in Excel and possibly reimport to PhraseExpander. Notice that formatting information will be lost when exporting to CSV.