Import a phrase/autocorrect list

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If you have a list of phrases or autocorrects that you want to import into PhraseExpander, you can do it with the option Import from phrase/autocorrect list.

You can also use this to quickly add a number of phrases or autocorrects.

Open the Import from phrase/autocorrect list window

1.From the Glossaries tab, click on Add Glossary  

2.Click on Phrase/Autocorrect List...
The Import from Phrase/Autocorrect List window is displayed


How to define the data to import

1.Choose if you want to import a list of phrases or autocorrects by clicking on Phrase or Autocorrect  

2.Type (or paste) the data you want to import into the textbox, or load it from a text file

3.Click on the Finish button to complete the procedure


NOTE: PhraseExpander will create a new entry for each line. If you want to insert a new line, you can do it by typing #NL#


Data format for phrases

Each line can use any of the following formats:





If no abbreviation is specified, PhraseExpander will automatically assign one if the Autoassign Abbreviation option is checked.


Phrase examples:


tfc=Thanks for calling


[my website]web=

Thanks for your email #NL#I really appreciate your feedback.


Data format for Autocorrects

Each line can use any of the following formats:




Autocorrect examples: