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To open the Options window, Suggestions tab

1.From the main window File menu, select Options.
The Options dialog opens.

2.Click on the Suggestions tab.




Suggestions Window

Max number of suggestions to display

Indicates the maximum number of suggestions that are displayed in the Suggestions window. This number indicates how many suggestions are visible on the screen at the same time. More suggestions may be hidden from view. You can navigate through the suggestions by using the arrow keys.


Enable phrase fast selection

When this is enabled, PhraseExpander shows accelerator keys in the Suggestions window: you can use numbers to trigger the chosen phrase, and then press the confirmation key to confirm.


Show suggestions above the cursor

The Suggestions window can be shown above or below the typed abbreviation.



If checked, PhraseExpander will suggest phrases even when you have not typed the entire abbreviation associated with the phrase. Our technology allows you to reduce the amount of typing you need to do to trigger the desired phrase. See No memorization with SmartComplete.

You can specify after how many characters partial match suggestions shall be displayed (default is 2 characters).

Abbreviation confirmation

These options determine how a phrase is triggered after the abbreviation is typed.


Confirm key

Choose what key triggers the execution of a phrase when an abbreviation is detected. SHIFT is the default confirmation key.


Leading delimiters

Choose which characters are used to mark the beginning of a new abbreviation.


Trailing delimiters

Choose which characters trigger an autocorrection. You can enter any non-letter character: it makes sense to use punctuation marks, as well as ENTER, TAB and SPACE key.


Clipboard History

Remove leading and trailing spaces

Removes leading and trailing spaces from the copied text.


Clear history on exit

If checked, when PhraseExpander is closed the clipboard history is cleared.


Keep a record of the last n days in the Clipboard History

PhraseExpander will store a certain number of days of data in the Clipboard History.