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 PhraseExpander 5 Manual

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Preventing automatic corrections

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If you have set automatic corrections on in Options > Execution (under Autocorrects), PhraseExpander will autocorrect words that start with two uppercase characters for you ,like PAper.


If there are specific words that you don't want the automatic correct to kick in, you can set an exception inside PhraseExpander for that word.


To add a new autocorrect exception

1.Click on the Autocorrect tab

2.Create a new autocorrect by clicking on the New autocorrect button

3.In the misspelled text enter the text that you don't want to be triggered

4.Leave correct empty

PhraseExpander will not perform any action when you type the word in the misspelled text


NOTE: if you want PhraseExpander to ignore all the words that are starting with a specific prefix, type the prefix only in the Misspelled text click on the Inside word option



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