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To open the Options window, Transcription tab

1.From the main window File menu, select Options.
The Options dialog opens.

2.Click on the Transcription tab.




Adapt phrase casing to typed abbreviation

When checked, PhraseExpander adapts the case of the text to be inserted to the case of the typed abbreviation.


For example, if you have set up a phrase thank you with abbreviation thy, here are the different results you get according to the case of the typed abbreviation.


1.No case change: thy expands to thank you

2.Sentence case: Thy expands to Thank you

3.Uppercase: THY expands to THANK YOU

4.Title case: ThY expands to Thank You


Options 1-4 work with plain text phrases

Options 1-3 work with autocorrects as well


Smart space

PhraseExpander can automatically add a space when it feels it's appropriate after you have expanded a phrase. This will make transcription jobs faster, as you don't have to type the space character after expanding a word or phrase.

Display phrase continuations

Available in PhraseExpander Professional

If checked, Phrase continuation is enabled and PhraseExpander will suggest phrase autocompletion as you type, based on the phrases already defined in the active glossaries. See Phrase continuations.


PhraseExpander can automatically correct:

Double UPpercase at the beginning of a word

Forgotten cAPS lock