Assign priority to glossaries

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The position of the glossary in the list represents its priority (the glossary at the top of the list is the one having the top priority).

To change the glossary priority

1.Select the glossary

2.Click on the priorityUp16 Priority Up or priorityDown16 Priority Down button in the ribbon to change the glossary priority
The priority of the glossary is changed


How priority affects phrase execution

Autocorrect glossaries

If two terms share the same Misspelled text value, the element present in the higher priority glossary is used.


Glossary Autocorrect 1 (with priority 1) containing

(c) -> copyright


Glossary Autocorrect 2 (with priority 2) containing

(c) -> copyright 2011


(c) [SPACE] will expand to:


(uses the top priority glossary)


Phrase glossaries

If two phrases share the same abbreviation, the phrase belonging to the higher priority glossary will be shown first.