CSV file

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PhraseExpander can import data from CSV files (comma delimited). CSV files can be easily created in Microsoft Excel or using a text editor.


To import from a CSV file

1.From the Glossaries tab, click on Add Glossary

2.Click on From data source > CSV File...

3.Select the CSV file to import
The Import from CSV file window is displayed


Setting the import options

When importing a CSV file, you can choose the following options:


Choose file: the name of the file to import is displayed there.

Item delimiter: each item in a CSV file is delimited by a special character (the default being the ,). You can set the delimiter you want to use here.

First row contains the column names: check this option if the first row contains the column names (they will be used for data mapping).


Click on the Next button to define how the CSV columns will be mapped to a PhraseExpander phrase or autocorrect.