Clipboard History

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The Clipboard History is a special phrase glossary that contains the most recent pieces of text that have been copied to the clipboard.

By default, the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V is assigned to the Clipboard History glossary, allowing you to recall and insert any of the last pieces of text copied to the clipboard by pressing that key combination.

You can customize the shortcut as you customize any shortcut associated with a glossary.


The clipboard history menu is invoked by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V.

The clipboard history menu is invoked by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V.


To select a text snippet

Use any of the following methods:

1.Start typing to search in the list. The list of suggestions will be restricted based on the typed text

2.Select the desired item using the arrow keys

3.Press the number associated with the desired item


To insert the selected text snippet

Once the desired item is selected, use any of the following methods to insert it:

1.Press SHIFT (or the defined confirmation key)

2.Double-click on the selected item

PhraseExpander inserts the text into the selected window


NOTE: you can disable the Clipboard History by clicking on the check16 icon of the Clipboard History glossary.