Compose email

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Use this macro to open the default mail program and compose a new email. PhraseExpander can also optionally compose an email message directly in Gmail.




{#mail -[to][cc][bcc][subject][attachment][body][use]#}

[to]: email addresses of the recipient(s)

[cc]: carbon copy email addresses

[bcc]: blind carbon copy email addresses

[subject]: email subject

[attachment]: list of email attachments, separated by a semicolon (;). Attachments can be sent using MAPI (which is the default method). Please check compose emails using mailto for more information.

[body]: body of the message (in plain text)

[use]: gmail: tells to open the compose email window in Gmail




{#mail -[][subject=PhraseExpander support]#}



creates a new email in the default email application, and pre-populates the to and subject fields