August 12, 2015

PhraseExpander 4.8 adds support for Windows 10 and more

PhraseExpander 4.8 now officially supports Windows 10 and the new browser Microsoft Edge.

PhraseExpander supports Windows 10

This is an important upgrade that you shall not miss if you decide to move to the new Windows 10 (which is a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users).

Make Manual Inputs even more powerful by combining them with macros

Perform different actions based on the items selected in a Manual Input. If a Manual Input generates some text that contains a macro, the macro will be properly interpreted and processed when the manual input is closed.

This allows for performing an action based on the selection, like updating a counter, setting a variable or even launching an application.

Insert macros in Manual Inputs

In this example, PhraseExpander displays a list of questions that can be Correct, Incorrect (or Not applicable). When a correct answer is selected, PhraseExpander adds the macro code needed to update the counter, so the proper number of correct answers is reported. We set the options in the Grid Columns.

The form that PhraseExpander generates (that can be accessed by clicking on the Preview button) looks like this.

Using variables at run time

The variable Total will be properly populated with the number of correct answers. That information can be retrieved by using the macro {#var Total#}.

Here’s the text of the entire macro. You can copy and paste it to test it out.

{#input What is today's date?::What is the current month?::What year is it?::What day of the week is this?::What season is it?::What is the name of this place? (clinic, hospital)::Who is the current president of the United States?::What city are we in?::What county are we in?::What state are we in? -[desc=Orientation][prepend=#NL#Orientation:#NL#][separator=#NL#][display=grid][columnSeparator=, ][columnLast= and ][columns=[Correct]Correct{#varSet -[counter=1][name=Total][hide=1]#}::Incorrect]#}

Score: {#var Total#}

Improved support for macros in formatted phrases

A number of issues related to formatted text and macros have been solved. Now you can perform calculations inside formatted text (by using the calc macro). We also fixed a number of problems that we happening when using Manual Input macros inside formatted text.

Automatic backups are now available in the Standard edition

Losing data is one of the worst experience you can have. That’s why now even the Standard edition comes with an automatic backup system, so your data is kept safe. Automatically. This works in the background and automatically backs up the data for you as you make changes to your phrases.

Check all the changes in v.4.8 in the release history

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