October 21, 2012

Phrase sharing is now much easier with PhraseExpander 3.6

PhraseExpander 3.6 has been released and it’s available for download.
Here’s the list of the main new features you will find in PhraseExpander 3.6.

PhraseExpander is Windows 8 ready

Windows 8 ready

Windows 8 will hit the market on the 26th October. PhraseExpander is ready, and will work great on the new operating system.

Phrase Sharing is much faster and easy to use

Our serverless phrase sharing is now easier and faster. Thanks to the new interface, you can setup your PCs for glossary sharing in just two clicks.

Linked glossaries can also auto-update when phrases are changed in the remote folder.

Improved editing of Manual Input macros

PhraseExpander uses Manual Input macros to allow you to customize the text that will be inserted into the final phrase. Here are the changes in v.3.6 to make it easier to use.

Easy navigation between Manual Inputs

You can easily navigate among the different Manual Inputs contained in a phrase, without leaving the Manual Input edit dialog.

Edit Manual Input from the template form

Before, when you discovered an error in a form and wanted to edit the phrase, it could be cumbersome. Now you can edit the Manual Input directly (no more hunting for the macros you need to change): by clicking on the new Edit button, the Manual Input edit dialog will be automatically displayed.

Rich text editor now has zoom and tables

When editing a rich text phrase, you can now set the zoom of the text, and also insert and edit tables.

Insert tables inside a phrase

Improved Insert Phrase macro

The Insert Phrase macro lets you insert the contents of a phrase into another phrase.

The Insert Phrase macro dialog has been redesigned to show a preview of the phrases you are going to insert. So, choosing and editing a nested phrase is now easier.

You can directly edit a phrase by clicking on the Edit button in the Insert Phrase macro dialog.

Include a phrase inside another phrase

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