August 26, 2013

PhraseExpander 3.9.5 keeps all your phrases in sync among your PCs

We have just released PhraseExpander 3.9.5, which makes keeping phrases in sync among your PCs much easier, thanks to the new Phrase roaming feature.

Now, when you make a change on one computer, changes are detected on the other computer, and you can get the latest version of your phrases with just one click.

Keep your phrases in sync with just one click

Do you need to login into different computers at work? Or are you constantly roaming from room to room? Or do you need to have all your phrases available on your home and work PCs?

Now, thanks to Phrase roaming, you can store your entire library of phrases in a shared folder (or in Dropbox) so that it’s instantly available on all your computers.

All you have to do is move your PhraseExpanderData.ipdb file (normally saved in the Documents folder) into a shared folder (or a Dropbox folder) and then open the database from both your home PC and your work PC.

When the database is changed from one computer, PhraseExpander detects the change and displays a prompt asking you to refresh the database, so that you can get the most updated version.

PhraseExpander asks to reload phrases if database is changed

NOTE: Storing the entire PhraseExpander database on the network is meant to move your data between different computers (and it assumes that you are not using them at the same time).

The database should never be accessed by more users, or data loss will occur: to share phrases with different users you can use linked glossaries so that each user can have both private and shared phrases.

Improved Insert Phrase macro

The Insert Phrase macro allows you to reuse phrases you have already created.

Now, the macro language has been improved so that you can use the Insert Phrase macro inside formatted text phrases; moreover, you can compose more advanced expressions like :

{#toUpper {#insert fullname -[key=short][multiple=1]#}#}

When executing it, this macro will type the content of the phrase with short fullname, after converting it to uppercase. You can learn more about Insert Phrase macro here.

Improved TextExpander importers and new importers

We improved support to import TextExpander snippets into PhraseExpander. Now fill-ins, macros and dates defined in TextExpander are properly converted and understood by PhraseExpander.

We also added support for importing data from Breevy and Shorthand, so that you don’t need to re-enter phrases that you have already created.

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