January 13, 2014

Try the new PhraseExpander 4 and discover how work can be a pleasure

You spoke, we listened.

You asked for a chance to easily navigate your phrases, and to manage them in a safer and more efficient way, so as to keep track of changes and create backups of your libraries.

You asked for an enhanced and easier way to create and edit phrases and templates.

So we decided to fully redesign PhraseExpander in order to meet your requests.

Version 4 is still on its way, but you can start tasting its benefits now by trying the beta version.

The main goal of this major redesign is to make your data entry experience smoother and smoother, with brand new features especially designed for this purpose. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Quick Find and new Suggestions Window to quickly navigate through your glossaries and groups without leaving your current environment.
  • New integrated spell checker, to check the spelling both in your phrases and in any other text.
  • Instant phrase creation and enhanced data import from CSV or Excel.
  • Smoother editing thanks to the new Syntax highlighting combined with the Easy view mode.
  • Safe and efficient phrase management with the new Backup Manager and the possibility to organize glossaries in multi-level groups and easily remove duplicates.

Here are more details of what you will get with PhraseExpander 4.

Instantly search your phrases in any application

You don’t remember the short associated to the phrase? Thanks to Quick Find and the new Suggestions Window, now you can quickly search your phrases without leaving your current environment. No need to recall the PhraseExpander main window anymore.

PhraseExpander Quick Find

No more spelling issues with the new spell checker

The application you are typing in doesn’t have a built-in spell checker? No problem. PhraseExpander does now.

So you can ensure that your phrases don’t contain any spelling mistakes, and you can also check your spelling in any other application. You can even use your custom dictionaries.

check your phrase spelling inside PhraseExpander

Managing your phrases is now much easier and safer

  • Organize your phrases with multi-level groups, and then navigate through them directly from the Suggestions Window.
  • Keep track of the phrases you use most or that you recently changed.
  • No more duplicate entries with duplicate search and removal: PhraseExpander will detect if a phrase or a short is already present, and will help you keep your library clean.
  • No worries about losing your precious data: the new Backup Manager will create automatic backups, and you’ll always be able to get back to the older version.

PhraseExpander suggestions window

Organize phrases in a hierarchical structure

Enjoy building your glossaries faster and with more options

Instantly add phrases and autocorrects as you work, by typing a simple key combination. No need to open PhraseExpander anymore.
Add new phrase preview

Feed PhraseExpander with your data without lifting a finger: PhraseExpander can learn from documents and extract words and phrases that you use often, or can import data (lists of treatments, drugs, customers, websites, numbers etc.) from your Excel or CSV files, in the format you want.
Import from Excel and CSV data

Instantly create full documents that read like natural language

  • Create more powerful templates with new formats (such as long text and calendar) and full customization of the final text.
  • Your documents will read as they were written by a human, thanks to the new natural language settings available for the templates.

Smoother phrase editing, easier sharing and a lot more

Further improvements include the Syntax highlighting & Easy View, which allow you to highlight the macros and display your phrases in a more compact way, making them easier to read and edit.

This is completed by a quicker edit mode for macros, and the new Search & replace that allows you to search for a specific text in a phrase, and modify it.

PhraseExpander syntax highlighting

Sharing your library with your colleagues or employees is, of course, a crucial part, if you need to work in a team.

You can setup a linked glossary in just one step, and now, when a glossary is changed, PhraseExpander will tell you who made the changes and will automatically detect if there’s a conflict.

Last but not least, you will get a clear idea of the benefits you’re having thanks to the redesigned Usage Statistics, which will tell you exactly how much time you are saving each week or month, and keep track of your progress.

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