November 20, 2012

Discover the new Link Image Macro in PhraseExpander 3.6.5

In PhraseExpander 3.6.5, we have added the new Link Image Macro, that allows you to link Images to a phrase.

It supports both plain text and rich text phrases: images can be stored on your local machine or be on the internet.

So, now you can decide if you want to embed an image in your phrase (using rich text phrases) or just link it to the phrase: this way, maintaining your phrases becomes easier, as you don’t have to manually edit each phrase if you need to update the images.

To use the new Link Image macro, do the following:

  1. Create a new phrase
  2. Click on Macro → Data and choose Link Image
  3. Select the image (can be a local file or a URL)
  4. Confirm clicking OK

The Linked Image Preview window

A new macro will be inserted, and when the phrase is executed, the picture will be automatically inserted into the target application.

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